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Jaccede - A public-interest charity at the forefront of awareness-raising

Jaccede.com, registered as a public-interest charity, leads a grassroots movement which promotes accessibility for everyone. All of the projects and operations carried out by Jaccede share a common approach of positive, voluntary action driven by solidarity. Not only do we strive to achieve social diversity through what we do, but we also make it an important part of how we do it.

Jaccede.com - An innovative channel for conveying information 
The collaborative guide available on www.jaccede.com and on the smartphone app "Jaccede Mobile" is an innovative solution and represents a step towards accessibility through new technologies. The guide is an interactive platform allowing users to share detailed information on the level of accessibility of places they have visited, helping millions of people with limited mobility to plan their outings. 

The Accessibility Days - Awareness raising campaigns
Public awareness events are organised throughout the year by Jaccede in collaboration with partner organisations, individual volunteers and municipal councils. The idea is to invite the general public to explore the places in their town in teams of three, with one person in a wheelchair, in order to understand the practical difficulties encountered by people with limited mobility. Mixed teams, with people who have never met before, people with or without disabilities, help to demystify the subject and transmit a simple message: each person who enters a public place is able to assess its degree of accessibility and to register it on the application, during or after the visit.