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ASL group with the teachers
Have you ever heard about a SIGN LANGUAGE? A sign language is a language which chiefly uses manual communication to convey meaning, as opposed to acoustically conveyed sound patterns.
Cover photo of the event
The students created teams including students with any kind of disability, local students, international students and exchange students.
The participants
21th of March 5 PM Katlan Klub Gödöllő, Hungary. Our 2 local ESNer invited the exchange students to our very first own ExchangeAbility event which was a blinfolded date night.
Mascot of ESN IBS during the activity
As ESN IBS section was also organizing ExchangeAbility event during the EAW 2017 Spring on Tuesday and Wednesday between 13:30 - 16:00 at room C110 in our building.
Cover photo of the event
The Invisible Exhibition offers you a chance to try this under more real circumstances. We were there too see this beautiful world in total darkness, only with your hands, ears, nose.
ESN y Asogra
We contacted Asogra, in order to find deaf people who were interested in going on Erasmus.
The event is an aperitif where people without disability are made momentary blind with some bandages and with this they can know the struggle and the discomfort to speak with someone when you can'
EA lunch
The event was organized during our Local Platform, at lunch time and pur volunteers, mostly newbies, attending the LP were asked to get their food and eat only using one hand, left for the right hande
getting in the shoes of deaf people
It was a tandem night. At the beginning we had a normal aperitivo. Then, ESN members ask erasmus and the other participants of the event to get up and go in a corner.