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Silent Pub Quiz
During the event participants weren't allowed to use their voices.
Tapas a Ciegas con ESN Granada
We booked a bar where we brought the Erasmus, and we gave them masks to cover their eyes.
We challenged ourselves by playing "sitting volleyball" in order to understand disabled people.
We decided to organise an event in our International Week in Çağ University. We had 10 German guests and we invited them to our event.
Invisible Exhibition
The Invisible Exhibition is an already existing exhibition in Stockholm which uses guides that are blind/visually impaired themselves, and the participants start with typing their name in braille, and
First we created 2 groups so that there could be competition.
First we brought our bags with us, our Erasmus Office helped us a lot with the bags. We had börek and cake made by the waiters in Down Cafe.
Role game
The activity consisted of a role-playing game where each student had to relate to others and carry out a daily activity with a handicap: they have a certain psychological condition.
We first booked a space in a youth club where the dinner would take place.
Salsa Dance activity with people with Down Syndrome
We had salsa dance activity at Down Cafe in Mersin in order to understand people with Down Syndrome. We agreed with Sueno Dance School and they taught us how to dance.
ExchangeAbility in October!  Charity Movie Night
Before the movie our local ExchangeAbility coordinator said a few words about the goal of the ExchangeAbility project, and also explained the main principle of it.